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Goat Milk Soap Bar (Pack of 4)

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Goat Milk Soap Bar from Blithe and Bonny (5.2oz - Large).  Pack of 4 soap bars available in Honey Almond, Lavender, GrapeFruit, Rose, Tuberose/Orange Blossom, Jasmine.



There are 3 review(s) for Goat Milk Soap Bar (Pack of 4)

  • Simply Amazing!

    by Stefani – 30th Aug 2014

    Honestly this soap works wonders for me and my family.We have loved it's lather ever so much since the first day I brought it home from a small boutique in Leavenworth Washington. When we ran out I just had to figure out a way to he my hands on some more without taking the 5 hour drive trip. I'm so grateful that GiftShock carried this product not only in it's origional scent (honey and almond) but other scents as well. I want to try them all. I highly recommend as a gift or just something to spoil yourself with you time. :)

  • looking for a great gift?

    by Lynn befera – 10th Oct 2012

    I adore this soap--it's creamy, is a beautiful, delicate shape, the fragrance lasts forever, and it makes a fabulous gift. it's expensive but your sister or friend will love it, trust me. plus the creamy goat milky goodness feels like giving your skin a piece of dark chocolate. yum.

  • fabulous perfumey soap

    by lynn befera – 10th Oct 2012

    I adore this soap--I stumbled upon it in a brick and mortar store and have been looking for it ever since. it's expensive, no question, but the scent fills up my entire bathroom and I've used the bars as sachets for my drawers. it's creamy, doesn't last that long, but it's a great guilty pleasure at the end of the day. recommend most highly and the price for the 4 pack is very right.

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